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What If You Were on This Hit List? Feds Say Relax…Whatever.


The “Religion of Peace” is very creative. They’ve been running around cutting people’s heads off or blowing them up for the last couple of decades. Now they’re going to engage in cyber attacks against their enemies. And “their enemies” consists of just about everybody on earth but “them.”

A group of hackers associated with ISIS has released a hit list of 3,000 U. S. citizens who happen to be residents of New York. They’re encouraging “homegrown terrorists” to target them.

Here’s there latest recruiting video.

Authorities in New York don’t believe that this is a credible threat, but they’re going to personally visit everyone named on the list that they can find.

These terrorists obviously don’t know much about the U. S. Government because the list is reportedly targeting U. S. State Department employees and those from Homeland Security. If they knew anything about this country they would know that the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security, thanks to Pres. Barack Obama, are their friends.

Authorities have arrested more than 70 individuals the last three years who were attempting to support ISIS. Reportedly, in every case the arrests were shocked to their friends. They were thought to be just peace-loving Muslims.

Guess what? They were. There’s no such thing as a radical Muslim. Barack Obama wouldn’t even admit that the Muslims flying the airplanes into the World Trade Center were “radical.”

Keep that in mind when Barack Obama and Paul Ryan try to relocate “Religion of Peace” refugees into your neighborhood.


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