Hillary’s Coke Habit Exposed


Who in the world is Hillary Clinton?  Is she the rock star politician and diplomat her adoring supporters like to portray?  Or is she something less than that?

One of Bill Clinton’s string of paramours – a former Miss Arkansas named Sally Miller – is talking about the one person who should know Hillary.

That would be Bill.  According to Ms. Miller, she’s not who she pretends to be.

You can follow the link to what she’s got to say about Hillary’s sex life.  Let’s just suffice it to say she had interests in that area that didn’t include Bill.  Or any other man.

There’s also some question about Chelsea and Hillary’s aspirations for a “family.”  According to Ms. Miller Chelsea was an accident, Hillary got pregnant because, according to Bill, she was too lazy to take the pill.  Also according to Bill, Hillary hates kids.  It’s no wonder that Chelsea was raised by the hired help in the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock and in the White House.

As shocking – or head shaking – as those revelations may be, they’re not something that would disqualify her from the Oval Office.  At least not in today’s society.  But there is another revelation that should disqualify her.

According to Sally Miller’s account of her conversations with Bill, Hillary is a cocaine addict.  He told Miller that everyone in Little Rock – staff, her law firm, and even friends – knew Hillary was an addict.  And without her nose candy she’s a “raving maniac.”

Here’s Sally:

Hillary Clinton taking a 3 A.M. phone call and needing a little snort before she can respond.  Imagine that.  Oh, right, we don’t have to imagine that.  We’ve already seen what happens with that one.

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