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Did Hillary Just Make a Fatal Mistake?


Hillary is a lousy campaigner.  She’s got all charisma of a cat turd and about the same IQ.  She could have just stepped on a land mine in Kentucky this week in a discussion about the economy.

She said she’d put Bill “in charge of revitalizing the economy.”  And Bill likes the idea.

In case you missed the muffled mumble, he said, “I like this economic business.”

If you were around during the first Clinton presidency you’ll remember that Hillary was going to be “co-President.”  It’s looking like she’s going to push that meme from the other side this time around.  It may not work out so well this time out though.

First of all, putting Bill in charge of the economy could undermine any rationale for Hillary being President.  She’s supposed to be “the most qualified candidate” ever to run for the office and she’s going to put her husband in charge of what will likely be the number one issue going into November?  It looks like she’s riding on Bill’s coattails again.

The second point is that the far left have forced Hillary to disavow pretty much everything Bill did while in office.  All those disavowals are somewhere on YouTube and will be great commercials.

The third issue Hillary will have to face is that she’s not running against nice guy named Bush.  She’s going to be running against a mean, nasty, SoB named Trump and he won’t hold back.  He’s going to go after her performance during Benghazi and talk about 3 a.m. phone calls.  He’ll skewer her on her foreign policy record as Secretary of State.  And he won’t hold back.

Finally, will Bill have a staff?  And will the Energizer Bunny be his Chief-of-Staff?


Rumor has it – from Secret Service Agents with loose lips – that the Energizer Bunny took good care of Bill’s staff, so anything is possible.


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