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Here’s How Much People Hate Hillary and Bill Clinton


Everybody seems to be talking about Donald Trump’s unfavorables. That’s only because they are trying to avoid talking about Hillary’s unfavorables.

In the last year, Hillary’s ratings crossed the line and she is now 13 points unfavorable. In 2013 her unfavorable rating was in the low 30’s; today it’s as high as 60%.

Here’s what it looks like:

6 unfavorable 1

Trump’s unfavorables are high, but they’re stable, they’re not going up. That’s in the face of several tremendous negative news cycles with Trump being attacked not only from the left, and not only from the editorial left, but from the Republican Establishment as well.

Hillary gets virtually no unfavorable press. I wonder why that could be? Oh yeah, the national media are Democratic operatives with bylines.

That’s all about to change. Trump has the Republican nomination sewn up and attacks from the right are toning down. On the other hand, Hillary is facing an increasingly steep climb with attacks from the left, withering attacks from Donald Trump, and an FBI investigation into her illegal email server.

It’s gotten so bad for her that Bernie Sanders recently said she’s unqualified for office. It’s only going to get worse.

It’s going to be a long hot summer.


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