Harry Reid on Elizabeth Warren as a VP Pick: “Hell No!”

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Harry Reid was pretty harsh about Elizabeth Warren in an interview this week with MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid.

When he was asked about the possibility of the nominee choosing Elizabeth Warren as the Democrat VP pick his response was, “not only no but hell no!”

“I would do whatever I can and I think most of my Democratic colleagues here would say the same thing.”

When Harry Reid recently did an interview with MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid.

“I would yell and scream to stop that,” Reid added.

Seems Harry Reid is a bit worried about losing Senate seats.

The senator referred to the time that Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen was chosen to become Secretary of the Treasury during the Bill Clinton presidency.

Harry Reid said the Democratic party “never recovered from that.”

Harry Reid does not want Elizabeth Warren or any Democrat from a state with a Republican governor to leave office and be replaced with a Republican.

Well that sure limits him on a lot of possibilities for people to advance, but it also shows he is rather afraid of losing any more seats.

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sharrod Brown, as well as Senator Cory Booker, are considered potential VP picks for Clinton and all three are from states with Republican governors.

Guess they are all “Hell No!”…out!

Democrats want to regain control of the Senate this election cycle. They need a net gain of five seats to win back the chamber.

The 2016 map is tilted in favor of Senate Democrats as they are defending only 10 Senate seats next to the 24 for Republicans.

But gaining five seats is still a difficult battle, and to lose an extra could cost them control of the senate.

But when word reaches Elizabeth Warren that it was a “Hell No!”, she might hit Harry Reid with her tomahawk!

But when word reaches Elizabeth Warren that it was a "Hell No!", she might hit Harry Reid with her tomahawk!

Elizabeth Warren is best known for faking her Native American ancestry, a claim she even placed in the book she released in 2014.

She used some 2 pieces of  evidence to back up her Native American Ancestry claim.

One piece of debunked evidence Elizabeth Warren used was her inclusion of Warren “family recipes” in the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook. Yes folks, get your recipe in an Indian cookbook and you too can be a Native Indian.

The second piece of debunked evidence… well… it does not exist!

It was a purported 1894 marriage license APPLICATION (Note: Not the license) which was said to list her great-great-grandmother as a Native American.

Like I said, it did not exist.

Maybe Harry Reid is on to something! “Oh Hell No!”

I guess Harry Reid will not be invited to this years authentic Native American Thanksgiving at the Elizabeth Warren Residence.

Joy Reid asks Harry Reid about Elizabeth Warren at 3;45:

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