Gun-Free Zones Vanishing All Over Alabama

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In 2013, Alabama passed an  open-carry law that allows people to visibly wear pistols on government property.

Anti-gun activists have tried every way in the book to circumvent the legislation but Pro-2nd Amendment activists are winning the battle.

In recent months, activists have worked across the state, filing complaints to the attorney general forcing compliance.


The Anniston Star reports:

At the Selma Interpretive Center, a museum honoring the nonviolent resistance of the 1965 voting rights march, visitors can now openly carry firearms.

Guns are also allowed at Selma’s City Hall when the council isn’t in session. And at the local animal shelter. And at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library and the building that houses the Selma City Ceramic Art Program.

It’s been that way since December, when the city got a letter from Attorney General Luther Strange urging officials to comply with the state’s 2013 open-carry law.

“We don’t know who filed the complaint,” Jimmy Nunn, Selma’s city attorney, said. “We just know we heard from the attorney general’s office.”

Over two dozen public parks, libraries, senior centers, airports, state offices and other public properties are now in compliance with the Alabama state law turning them into open-carry zones.

BamaCarry, the only “No Compromise” gun rights group in Alabama, has been integral in the fight for enforcement of Alabama Law.

“The safest place for my pistol is right here on my hip,” Jacksonville resident Warren Clay, a member of Bama Carry said.

He convinced the city of Jacksonville to take down the no-guns signs at the city’s community center without getting the attorney general involved.

“I brought them the attorney general’s letter to Vestavia Hills and they agreed to take the signs down,”

Laura Cutilletta, a lawyer for the California-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, stuck her nose in Alabama business and spoke the age old lie:

“Anytime you have more guns in a place, you increase the risk of injury and death, and you create more work for law enforcement,”

Unfortunately for Cutilletta, pure statistics bear out the opposite and what goes on in Alabama is absolutely none of your business:

Constitutional Carry! Guns!

ALL the massacres that happen are in Gun Free Zones!!!

The state with the worst gun crime stats? California!

Guess what state has the most stringent Brady Gun Laws? CALIFORNIA!

The city with the worst gun crime stats? Chicago!

Guess what city has the most stringent Gun Laws? CHICAGO!!!

So you go Alabama!

BamaCarry’s Eddie Fulmer introduces Wild Bill for America at The 2015 Alabama Firearms Freedom Conference:

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