Furor Over Target’s Transgender Bathroom Policy Just Got Worse: [BRUTAL VIDEO]


There’s a new campaign out aimed at Target and their restroom policies.

As I’m sure you know the American Family Association started a “boycott Target” website after Target Stores announced that if a man just felt girlish he could use the ladies room. So far 1.3 million people – including the two under our roof – are boycotting Target.


Since the end of April. Target stock has dropped about $15 a share reducing their market capitalization by almost $9 billion.

It’s not over yet either. There’s a new campaign targeting Target called “Flush Target” and it’s based in Target’s home state of Minnesota. They released an online ad blasting Target and it’s devastating.

In addition to the online ad, the Flush Target group will be sending a truck to all 75 of Minnesota’s Target stores. The side of the truck has a huge picture that shows a young girl standing in front of a bathroom stall while a man stands in front of her.

Our family has spent a lot of money at Target stores over the years. They’ll not get another dollar from us.

How about you?

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