Democrats Decide the Declaration of Independence As Racist

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If that surprises you you’ve been living in a cave. Democrats have declared war on the First Amendment and the Second Amendment and now they’re declaring war on the Declaration of Independence.

That Declaration of Independence is racist, don’t you know? Well, you should know, because where Democrats are concerned everything that doesn’t promote a Democrat getting elected to office is racist.

In Louisiana a state legislator by the name of Barbara Norton – a Democrat – argued that the Declaration of Independence was racist because it was written at a time when slavery was legal in the U. S.

Another Louisiana representative, Valerie Hodges – a Republican – had introduced a bill to require fourth through sixth graders to read from the Declaration of Independence and Norton had a fit.

Hodges actually shelved the bill before the vote. She said she was astonished and saddened at the hatred that was expressed at the forefathers and the founding document during the debate on the issue.

Democrats. Rewriting history because it’s racist. Out of touch with the real world.

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