Citadel May Break 175-Year-Old Dress Code to Let Cadets Wear Hijabs?

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The Citadel is a public military college with a 175-year-old history. It’s just not the same Citadel the generations of graduates were proud to attend. Courts forced the Citadel to admit women, and it looks like their dress code is now on the line.

It turns out that a woman, will also happens to be a Muslim, is considering attending the Citadel. She has a problem because the dress code does not allow her to wear a hijab. She also reportedly has problems with the dress that female cadets are required to wear. It’s immodest.

Here’s what the Corps of Cadets looks like today. Hang on to this picture it might not look like this much longer.

1 Citadel 2

Needless to say this is being painted as a religious freedom issue by the press and Democrats will probably be on the bandwagon before you can say “Islamic terrorism.”

The Citadel hasn’t announced their decision on the dress code yet. But they did announce another decision.

This first came to light when a cadet posted the story on his Facebook page. The cadet said that officials were originally going to charge him with behavior “unbecoming to a cadet,” a Class I offense for which he could be dismissed from the college. They have apparently downgraded the charge to “gross poor judgment” and given him the maximum punishment.

The punishment is 40 tours of silent marching with a rifle in the barracks quadrangle. Each tour is 50 minutes. He has to complete his punishment before he can graduate on May 7.

It’s interesting that the college has yet to make a decision on whether or not the incoming cadet will be allowed to wear a hijab. I suspect they are waiting for summer break. Certainly the cadets currently attending the Citadel will not be demonstrating one way or the other. Students at Berkeley do that. Cadets at the Citadel obey orders.

Unless you’re a Muslim female that is.

Welcome to the culture wars, will the Marine Corps be next?

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