Circumcising Her Son: A Big Regret

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This post is about parenting, sort of. Or, it could be about a whole bunch of other things that will talk about just a minute.

This is an article from a website called Being an intelligent reader you figured out it’s all about moms.

The particular article were looking at today is written by a mom who did some “research” on circumcision after she had her son circumcised.


Here’s how it starts.

I couldn’t believe it when the nurse told us that, as a practice, they did not recommend circumcision. It’s been over six years since that moment. I’ve learned so much since then, but that day in the hospital I knew absolutely nothing. The nurse was prepared to take our son to be circumcised [that word linked to an article on “genital mutilation]  for us, if we wished, but she wanted to be sure that we knew we had the choice to make. If I had just had time to do research, I might have learned how horrifying the procedure was that I was about to let them do to my newborn baby. But I didn’t, and we told the doctors to go ahead.

Okay, you got the flavor.

If you didn’t get it this will make sure you do.

Not only did we subject our perfect baby boy to excruciating pain, twice, but now research is showing that too much pain in infants can have lasting effects.


The article goes on to describe in excruciating detail how much guilt this mother is going through because she made a decision to circumcise her kid. This article, and it would appear the website, is an exercise in mommy guilt. One of the “related” articles is, “Motherhood is the Loneliest Thing Ever.”

Somehow I have a feeling that this is a mommy who’s going to insist that her precious little snowflake only participate in “sports” where he gets a trophy for showing up. And of course no game that he ever plays will have a scoreboard.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of reasons not to circumcise your boys. There are also lots of reasons to circumcise boys. Unlike mommy dearest, this is not the biggest or the most traumatic decision apparently will ever face. In fact, if it is your simply not paying attention.

When her little snowflake grows up and has problems, those problems will not be related to having a little piece of his penis removed. They will be related to having a psychotic, guilt ridden, overprotective “mother.” Her son has my deepest sympathies.

He’ll probably grow up of vegan too.

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