Caitlyan Jenner Enjoys Trump’s Invite to Bathroom at Trump Towers [VIDEO]

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With all of the transgender headlines last week because of Target stores new policy on restrooms some enterprising graduate of a journalism school asked Donald Trump if any of his properties had restrictions like the ones in South Carolina.

The self-confessed “conservative” candidate for the Republican nomination said he didn’t care where anybody peed and Caitlyn Jenner – that would be Bruce – could be anywhere he wanted in any of Donald Trump’s properties.

So we have this…

That was a nice shot that Bruce took at Ted Cruz because of South Carolina’s bathroom bill that restricts bathroom use to your biology.

It’s also interesting that Bruce isn’t endorsing anyone in the Republican primary. I wonder if the heat he’s been taking from the Hollywood crowd has finally gotten to him?

He is one of the Kardashian clan after all. So anything is possible.

Sad thing about this. Bruce or Caitlyn – whatever name you go by – THIS is NOT a joke and it is NOT a laughing matter. This is also NOT about “Reality T.V.”. This is about real lives.

#WakeUp America


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