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Bush Ambassador to UN Shocks Bush Family with Trump Announcement


The lines are being drawn in the Republican Party and the Republican Establishment is likely to find themselves way out in the cold wishing for some global warming.

The Establishment – people like Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a whole variety of Washington Post and New York Times commentators, and the Bush family – are beginning to look like they’re on the wrong side of history.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, known to those of us who love him as “The ‘Stashe,” came out yesterday with an endorsement for Donald Trump. That just had to shake the Bush family right down to the roots.

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Bolton said that he’s backing Trump over what looks to be the Republican Establishment’s new favorite, Hillary Clinton, because “if the country’s not safe, everything else is secondary.” In Bolton’s opinion Hillary will give us at least another four years of Barack Obama’s disastrous foreign policy.

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5-Bolton T2

Bolton correctly finds no difference between Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy and Barack Obama’s. Always the gentleman, Bolton describes Obama’s foreign policy as “badly misguided.” They should give a Nobel prize for that understatement, because John would win that hands down.

Like most people who are now supporting Trump, Bolton has some reservations, but they’re nothing compared to the certainty of Hillary and the continuation of Obama foreign policy.

This is going to be a long hot summer.

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