‘Black Lives Matter’ Scores Nearly $500,000 From Milwaukee Public Schools and Does What?

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You know, because public schools have way too much money left over from educating kids – they can throw around half a mil to the Black Lives Matter crowd, right?

Once again, public schools – this time in Milwaukee – weild their left-wing, politically-correct, massive spending power by shelling out tax-payer money for something other than teaching and preparing kids for productive lives in the real world.

Speaking of real world – #BlackLivesMatter, when they aren’t busy tearing down police, destroying property, or just being a bunch of racist thugs are going to take this money and do what? Educate who? Help where?

According to News Talk 1130; “The proposal does not specify why exactly MPS needs to spend $471,073 on Black Lives Matter, but it is interesting that the district plans to spend nearly as much on this organization as it plans to spend on College Access Centers, Universal Driver Education, and Advanced Studies and World Languages..”

The district’s official budget notice published in the Journal Sentinel is below:


And here’s the kicker you’ve been waiting for: Superintendent Darienne Driver is proposing a $1.17 billion Milwaukee Public Schools budget for the 2016-’17 school year, down $1.3 million from the current year.

The budget reflects the addition of 189 full-time equivalent positions and about $12 million in raises, according to the district. It also includes more than $40 million in reductions in the cost of retiree health care benefits and brick-and-mortar improvements.

Because who needs health care benefits and walls that stay standing when ObamaCare and BlackLivesMatter has everything under control? The bigger question though, is why are parents marching with torches and pitchforks on these bureaucrats who are screwing their kids out of a chance in life? Good question. Thanks. You’re welcome..


Superintendent Darienne Driver

“This budget reflects our plan to succeed,” Driver said in a statement announcing the start of the budget process. “It is a blueprint for building on past accomplishments and funding future achievement.”

Second kicker: Other elements of the “blueprint” include added staff at a district-associated refugee center, 189 new positions in schools – from educational assistants to added administrators to “teacher coaches” – as well as more counselors and “trauma informed care training for staff..” Of course all these go conveniently in the “helping to educate students” category in this bizarro world we call public education. But I digress..

Back to BlackLivesMatter:

Black Lives Matter, blogger Larry Miller has outlined a Black Lives Matter resolution he introduced to the MPS board along with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Robert Smith that would set broad objectives schools should strive for.

It advises district officials to “create an advisory council—of community, parents, educators, and students– to assist in reviewing, strengthening and creating curriculum and policy related to the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement, the efforts to derail the school-to-prison pipeline, the broader historical experience of the Black community and present schooling experience,” according to Miller’s blog, Educate All Students.

It also requests that lessons “include discussions of biases, racial micro-aggressions, school-wide data on race and discipline, fears, cultural ignorance and stereotypes of Black youth” and lead to “training of school staffs in methods of de-escalation, mindfulness, creating a culture of trust and cultural relevance.”

Sound like that’ll keep everybody out of jail and gainfully employed forever! Then unicorns will fly out of my ass…





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