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Black Activists Not Happy About Being Compared to Mental Patients


Obama has certainly does his part to contribute to the destruction of America, hasn’t he?

United States military has become nothing more than a laboratory for social justice, the Defense Department is more concerned about having women go through Marine Corps boot camp with men than they are having spare parts to fly Marine aircraft.

With his latest stroke of a pen Obama has mandated that every school in the United States allow their “transgendered students” access to the bathroom of their choice. To make his case the president is comparing the Gay Mafia and transgender activists to the civil rights leaders of the 60s.

Barack Obama did manage to keep one campaign promise:

Through executive orders and government bureaucrats Obama may have fundamentally changed America and not everyone is happy about that, including Blacks.

Project 21 is a national organization of conservative Blacks. They released a statement condemning Obama’s recent actions.

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Not only are these black activists upset about Obama co-opting the civil rights movement, they are rightly offended at being compared to people with a mental disorder. Gender dysphoria is a recognized mental disease known on the street – and in the White House – as “transgenderism.”

Comparing gender dysphoria to innate characteristics such as race is a bridge too far for scientific-minded individuals, but not for the Organized Left. The idea that a mentally ill person should assume the mantle of civil rights so hard-fought and won by black Americans is insulting,” said Project 21’s Stacy Washington, a former elected school board member, Emmy-nominated TV personality and talk show host on KFTK 97.1 FM in St. Louis.

We have seven months to go. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves, along with Martin Luther King.


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