Beyonce: Empowering Women Through Sweatshop Labor

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Beyonce, the same Beyonce who was metaphorically cursing cops and accusing them of “murdering” black youths who were trying to kill them, has a new venture.  Gym gear.  Stuff to sweat in.

She’s very altruistic about her new venture, she wants to support and inspire women and her distributor says the Ivy Park line “empowers women through sport.”

Here’s Beyonce with her new line:

Nice huh?

Except that Beyonce doesn’t really give a tinker’s damn about empowering anybody but herself.  This new gym wear line is the height of hypocrisy even for the entertainer who spent the Super Bowl half-time show bitching out cops and then demanding a police escort away from the stadium.

Beyonce’s little tights cost about $125.  That’s without her in them.  Let’s look at the women she’s “empowering” at that price.

The women who make her line of clothes are in Sri Lanka.  They earn about $6.00 per day as seamstresses.  Sri Lanka is one of the poorest countries on the planet but the AVERAGE worker there earns about twice that.  In order to keep from starving, these poor women – who would have to work about a full year to earn enough to buy a pair of Beyonce’s empowering sweat tights – work about 60 hours a week to keep from starving.

That’s what a filthy rich 34-year-old rock star, who hates the people, who keep her fans from ripping her apart, thinks is “empowering.”

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