Alabama Tells Veteran Living Off the Grid to Leave His Own Property

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So, it’s ok for someone to join the military and fight to defend the rights of all Americans, but when that same individual tries to live independently and defend his own rights at home, look out. The government can’t stand people being independent of them or living “off the grid”.

Living off the grid means living off the power grid. It means no electricity, natural gas, water, telephone, internet, you name it. Obama’s administration is all about “green power ” but only if they or their friends can profit from it. Don’t actually try being “green”, because that would be illegal and get you in trouble with the law.


Tyler Truitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar are currently living within city limits but without city utilities.

Huntsville officials said that’s not allowed. The city filed a lawsuit against Truitt and Hamar, calling their self-sufficient lifestyle unsafe.

The couple says they’d rather be arrested than leave their land.

“We live out here off the grid, 100 percent self-sustaining,” Truitt said. “So I basically made all my utilities: I have my solar panels, I have my rainwater collection and stuff.”

Well, we all know that collecting rainwater is a huge crime, right? I mean come on. We can’t have that going on, can we? And we certainly can’t have people living self-sustaining lives either, can we?

While the couple says they are living “off-the-grid,” the city says they violate ordinance codes.

The former military member says he just wants the freedoms he swore he’d protect.

“I took an oath that I would support and defend the constitution and the freedoms that entails, and I really feel like those are being trampled upon,” Truitt said.

Tyler Truitt didn’t think his decision to live off the grid would impact anyone else.

He uses solar panels for heat and electricity, rainwater for drinking and bathing, and composting for sewer.

In otherwords, Tyler is “going green” but the government doesn’t really want him or you to go green, because then, how would they collect any taxes from you? How would they sustain their control and give away “free stuff”? God forbid if lots of other people did what Tyler is doing they wouldn’t have the taxes to support what THEY want to do? The local officials want Tyler to “go through the proper channels” so they have records and can collect fines, permits and all the other bs they need.

The government and local officials would say they “encourage green environmental living”. Of course, only if it’s done with THEIR guidance, THEIR permission, and THEIR fees.

All of this will play out in the courts. Truitt’s next court appearance is July 29.


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