41 Secret Service Agents Punished Over This?

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41 Secret Service employees are now embroiled in another scandal, this time having leaked the personal files of a congressman Jason Chaffetz.

Chaffetz has been very critical of the Secret Service agency’s security lapses.

The Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday that the punishments ranged from a letter of reprimand to suspensions without pay for up to 45 days.

Secret Service wants to keep track of when you are being sarcastic or sardonic.

One Secret Service employee has resigned from the service.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said that privacy laws prevented disclosure of more details.

The latest embarrassment for the Secret Service comes after 4 years of constant scandal.

The scandals have become never-ending fodder for comedians, including Michael Loftus and Rodney Conover on the new TV comedy, The Flipside with Michael Loftus.

The Secret Service has been ridden with scandals for years.

It all seemed to start in November 2009.  Tareq and Michaele Salahi crash Obama’s first state dinner. The Secret Service eventually acknowledged that officers never checked to see if they were on the guest list.

In April 2012 Secret Service took prostitutes from a strip club back to their hotel rooms.

In May 2013, a Secret Service supervisor sent sexual emails to a subordinate and left a bullet in a woman’s restroom. He tried to force his way into the room to retrieve it.

In September of 2014, a security contractor with a gun and an assault record got on an elevator with the president. The contractor took video of Obama and refused to stop when requested by the agents.

Secret Service only learned the man had a gun after he was fired from his job. Obama was not told about the incident.

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In September of 2014, Then-Secret Service Director Julia Pierson appears before a House committee. She testifies about the security lapses and it’s a disaster. In October Pierson resigns from her post. Joseph Clancy begins to head the agency.

A few weeks into his job, John Clancy has a win. The Secret Service dogs stop a man who jumped the White House fence.

In one of the scandals, two senior agents, one being second-in-command of President Obama’s detail, ran into a White House security barrier after drinking at a party. The men drove into the middle of an active bomb investigation.

Meeting with congress later in March, Clancy testified that he wanted to build a full scale model of the White House. He also plays tug-of-war with the congressmen over the video of the drunk driving incident and is not forthcoming.

Clancy went head to head with Chaffetz during those meetings, as they had tried to hide the video of the drunk driving incident.

Joseph Clancy: Congressman, we will show all video…uh at anytime…day or night….that this committee would like to review…We have done that…in fact the chairman (Rep. Chaffetz) was the first…I believe to see this…

Rep. Chaffetz: With all due respect, that is just not true!

Joseph Clancy: (More deer in the headlights) If I have to correct the record, I would like to correct it.

It gets worse, Rep Chaffetz goes on to let us know that he has seen less than one minute of the available video.

It is a never ending saga! But the whole Obama administration has been a never-ending scandal!


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