200 Million to 1 – Triple Pleasure!

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This lady should definitely go buy a lottery ticket!

To be told she was expecting triplets was a big enough shock for any mother-to-be.

Now thriving at home after spending six weeks in intensive care, little Roman, Rocco and Rohan had another surprise in store for Becki-Jo Allen, however.

After being told how similar they looked by other mums, she sent off samples of DNA to be tested – and she has now been told that against odds of up to an incredible 200 million to one, the naturally conceived trio are identical.


Fortunately for their 23-year-old mother, tell-tale features plus the ten-month-old triplets’ emerging personalities mean she for one has no trouble telling them apart.

‘When they were newborns it was quite hard to tell which one was which, but I never got them mixed up myself,’ she said yesterday.

‘They’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman’s is slightly darker than the others’, and Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well.

When they were in the hospital, the doctors said they were non-identical, but since they came home lots of people have said they can’t tell them apart.’

According to the Multiple Births Foundation, the only way to establish for certain whether twins or triplets are identical – known as zygosity determination – is usually DNA testing.

After consulting them, Miss Allen took cheek swabs from Roman, Rocco and Rohan and sent them off to a laboratory to be analysed – and earlier this month received the news that they are genetically identical.


‘All the help and medical attention we’ve received has been wonderful,’ she added. ‘I’m just so happy they’re all doing so well now.’

Identical triplets are conceived when the fertilized egg splits twice. The odds against them occurring without fertility treatment have been put at between one in 60,000 and one in 200 million.

How fortunate to be blessed with three beautiful baby boys! Triple the pleasure and triple the fun! I think Miss Allen will be very busy for the next several years and certainly get a lot of experience to prep her for working with babies, if she still wants to be a neonatal nurse. Or maybe Ms. Allen could get the boys a gig as baby actors. I hear TV series or movies like to use multiple babies, it’s easier on the set for filming. Certainly with those odds, something is good is bound to happen!

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