13 Minutes of Lying: May be a record – even for Hillary [VIDEO]

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Hillary Clinton has a long history of lying. One of her former aides once accused her of being a pathological liar to the point where she didn’t know the truth. Just in the last week at a campaign event in West Virginia she lied to a coal miner’s face about shutting down the coal industry, and she lied about not being contacted by the FBI about our email.

This video is 13 minutes long; it’s worth watching. This is one I would have an adult beverage handy for. It is by no means a complete compilation of Hillary’s lies, because it just scratches the surface.

She gets away with lying for two fundamental reasons.

First, the major media in the U. S. are Democratic operatives with bylines. They are an extension of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

Second, people who are willing to vote for her – Republican Establishment are you listening? – are people who can put two rational thoughts together in the same month, hate the Founding Fathers’ vision of America, and are just plain stupid no matter how many college degrees they have.

Remember that when you hear Republicans taking pot shots at Donald Trump.

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