Why Voting for Donald Trump is Now Mandatory:

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Lena Dunham announced if Donald Trump becomes president, she’s leaving the country..

I’m not a huge Trump fan, but now I’m all in, baby.

What – you don’t know who Lena Dunham is? You’re not missing much…lena-dunham-pic-e1426877508701

Some background: Lena Dunham won the lottery when she got her own show called: “Girls” on HBO. The show sucks, but political correctness does not allow them to take a show about girls, by girls and for girls off the air.

Dunham recently announced at the “Matrix Awards” that she will move to Canada if Trump is elected President – which means one thing and one thing only: Getting Donald Trump elected President is of utmost importance now.

By the way, when Trump was asked about Dunham on “Fox and Friends;” he said she was a “B-actor” with “no mojo.”…That’s being very, very kind to Ms. Lena.


In February, the ratings for “Girls” pulled a 0.3 with just 721,000 viewers – a record low for the series.  So what’s the problem? I mean, after all – wasn’t the drama-filled, whiny and obnoxious, female-centric,”Sex & the City” a long-running, incredibly popular show?

Yes. Yes, it was. The big difference was SITC featured women whom women admired and men might be attracted to. Female characters whom no matter how needy, quirky, crazy or mean – men would put up with, pursue, laugh with, and wine and dine.

Not so with the girls on “Girls.” My God – who would spend two minutes chasing or even talking to one of the repulsive losers on that show? You gotta throw in someone who’s mildly sympathetic, slightly interesting or it doesn’t matter who they are.

And tell me there’s not a run on eye-bleach every time Lena Dunham gets naked? Here’s a pic from a glossy magazine that’s been air-brushed and touched-up to the hilt for you:


Hell, I’d look good with this much help…”Do Not Handle”? I wouldn’t worry about it, dear. Yes, I’m being patronizing, but forgive me, I’m a bit nauseous. Nevertheless, Harper’s Bazaar credits Lena Dunham with becoming the voice of a new generation of teen girls, crediting her with speaking for the majority of girls that struggle with self-doubt, body image, and growing pains.

If that’s the case. I pity the young men having to pursue a generation of Lena’s “new voice”. Here’s some samples:

In her collection of essays: Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham described sexually abusing her younger sister, Grace, using “anything a sexual predator might do.” I’m not going to bore you with what she did to her little sister, but trust me – it’s not printable. It’s exactly what a molester, pervert and abuser would do.

After being rightfully ripped by everyone from the far-left to the far-right, Lena Dunham cancelled her book tour and said she wanted to be “very clear that I do not condone any kind of abuse under any circumstance” and apologized for anything in the book that might have “been painful or triggering” for readers.

You know, the generation of girls for whom she’s the “new voice” of?…In case you’re wondering, her little sister,Grace – now all grown up – had this to say, via social media:

As a queer person: I’m committed to people narrating their own experiences, determining for themselves what has and has not been harmful / heteronormativity deems certain behaviors harmful, and others “normal”; the state and media are always invested in maintaining that / 2day, like every other day, is a good day to think about how we police the sexualities of young women, queer, and trans people”

Heteronormativity?  Huh? No confusion here… But I’ll let you make your own mind whether Lena did or didn’t affect her little sis.  Yes, I’m implying. Shut-up, there’s more:

Dunham falsely accused an Oberlin college student (a Republican, she said) of raping her. That’s right girls – just say a guy raped you and you’re a feminist! While the now grown man with a family twisted in the wind until he was cleared beyond a doubt – Lena and her publisher said nothing, even though they knew the accusation was false.

By the way, once you’re accused of rape – you never get your full reputation back. And it’s on the Internet for this poor guy’s offspring’s offspring to see long after he’s gone. THEN, it turns out the accused was a Democrat. She just couldn’t lie about rape without politicizing it as well, eh Lena? Keeping in mind the only confirmed kill in the War on Women is held by Ted Kennedy.

And even though the statue of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years and Dunham said he attacked two other women – Lena wouldn’t press charges against her rapist. Why?

(Brietbart reports that Dunham and Random House finally admitted that the non-fiction autobiography’s details about her rapist were in fact, completely made up. Lies: Maybe that’s why?)

So there’s your “new voice” kiddos!! No wonder you’re all supporting Hillary. But I digress..


So why has so much attention been given to this pig? Yes, pig. Pig, pig, pig, pig shut-up, she’s a lying pig.

Fact is, the show “Girls” has never gotten good ratings, but thanks to the leftist media it has benefited immensely from unearned publicity normally reserved for, yes, people like Donald Trump. And the years of gushing, BS reviews and fanfare usually reserved for blockbuster films has been heaped on Lena Dunham like fat on a pig’s belly.

The elite in entertainment and the media so want her to be a hit and (therefore) a reflection of our true feminine culture – they’ve blown her up into something much bigger than she ever was or should be. That time I meant in the figurative sense. She blew herself up in the piggly fashion.

How about a little self-restraint Lena?

Fact is, she’s a hateful pig that has no business in show business or politics. She’s not interesting, insightful, or honest and probably smells. Like a pig. Despite the fact that Lena herself says she hasn’t made a habit of voting much, here’s some new advice from the same woman, gals: Don’t vote for Donald Trump. 


Maybe that’s what she means – you’re too stupid to vote? So don’t?

In case you’re wondering how far from the tree the nut fell – here’s some paintings by her father:






Nice job, dad.. Seriously – nice job. All around.

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