Watch Welfare Queen Brag About Leeching Off Us [VIDEO]

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This is the society that Obama has produced…the largest number of welfare dependent Americans. I guess that’s one accomplishment President Obama CAN claim, next to destroying our country. A record number of people – 44.7 million people — or 1 in 7 Americans — were on food stamps last year. Nice work, Obama!

Not only is there a record number of Americans and illegals on welfare, but now they even brag about it!

An Austin, Texas welfare queen named Lucy called in to “Austin’s Morning News” on KLBJ radio show and bragged on why she lives off the government welfare.

Check it out:

“Can you really blame us? I get to sit home, I get to go visit my friends all day, I even get to smoke weed,” she said. “Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.”

She’s got that right! Why should she work, when she knows she can actually make more money sitting at home doing NOTHING! Makes your skin boil doesn’t it?!

Wasn’t it Reagan who said the best solution to welfare is a J-O-B?! Didn’t he say we should measure welfare’s success by how many people LEAVE welfare?! I tell you what, you want to see jobs come back? Get rid of Obamacare and you will see plenty of jobs come back!


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