WATCH When a Black Girl Gets In Hillary’s Way [VIDEO]

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Hillary is willing to pander to #BlackLivesMatter when the news cameras are on, but when they’re off, watch out.

Hillary and her campaign staff were in New York City campaigning and they took the subway.  To, you know, show that Hillary is just one of the “regular folks”.  The trip was a total embarrassment, given that Hillary had no clue how to use a subway card, among other faux paux.

In this video, caught by a random passenger who should stay out of McArthur Park in D.C., shows just how much Hillary and her campaign staff care about Black Lives.

The unnamed girl in question was queued up to get on the train and along came Queen Hillary.  Nobody gets in the way of Hillary’s photo ops.  New Yorkers, who are considered rude by those outside of the Big Apple, would NEVER push someone out of the way to get on the train.  It’s not only dangerous, it really is rude.

Hillary and her staff, on the other hand, ARE rude.  The girl gets shoved out of the camera so Hillary can be first on the train.  This young lady is darn lucky she didn’t end up on the tracks.  And if she had, Hillary’s staff would have just confiscated the video.

All this for a subway ride that lasted a grand total of two stops.  What a joke!  It’s right up there with this…

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Or this …


Hillary, you’re joke.  A dangerous joke, and here’s hoping you meet the same fate as Dukakis and Kerry.

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