Trump on Trajectory to Get Most Votes in History [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump is on track to get more Republican primary votes than any presidential candidate in history.

And he’s doing it in the face of overwhelming opposition From the Establishment Forces in the Party.

No other candidate has ever faced the kind of focused opposition from the Establishment the Donald Trump has and still is.

Remember this cover from National Review Magazine? Remember that National Review was established by William F Buckley and has, for six decades, been the flagship of conservatism and print.

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And then there’s the #NeverTrump folks. I find it interesting that Establishment Republicans couldn’t figure out how to send a text message in 2008 or 2012 against Barack Obama in this year they’re setting up Twitter hashtags to attack Donald Trump.

I read a lot of conservative publications and a lot Of Mainstream, Establishment commentators. I have yet to see a #NeverHillary hashtag anywhere.

The Republican Establishment is scared to death of Ted Cruz. Personally, I think Cruz could do more damage to Establishment power bases in both parties than Donald Trump, and the Republican Establishment was hell-bent to stop Cruz until their darling, Jeb! Bush got sent packing. And now, low and behold, cruises the white knight for the Republican Establishment.

Their current strategy is to keep Trump from getting 1,237 delegate votes on the first ballot. If they do that they think they’ll be able to cut a deal with Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio to keep Trump from getting the nomination.

I think that’s going to be a hard sell to the American people.

Donald Trump has over 10 million Republican votes in the primaries. He’s already blown past Mitt Romney and soon to be former Sen. John McCain. George W. Bush holds the current record at 10.8 million votes in 2000. Trump will blow past that by at least 1 million votes.

The big question at the convention in Cleveland this summer will be how the Establishment tries to rationalize taking the nomination away from the biggest primary vote-getter in Republican history and handing it off to somebody who not only has a fraction of Trump’s votes but of also been able to demonstrate that they can only win in caucus states.

John Kasich would probably point to his electoral victory in Ohio. But Kasich, who is the sitting governor in his home state only got 46% of the vote and beat Trump by just 10 points. Contrast that to Donald Trump’s victory in New York where he got more than 60% of the vote and beat Kasich by 35%. In his home state of Texas, Ted Cruz got 44% of the vote and beat Trump by just 15 points. John Kasich’s Texas relatives voted for him.

Will the Republican Establishment be able to pull it off in Cleveland and keep the nomination away from Donald Trump? I certainly think they’ll try, the question is whether they’ll be successful.

What you think?

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