VOTD: Hillary Clinton Saying It out Loud…In Public

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Last week was a banner week for Hillary Clinton and for the American people. Hillary finally came out and admitted that she wants to confiscate guns in America.

In the video below you’ll hear her talking about the “Australia solution” to gun control. She talks about it in terms of a “buyback” like the Australian government gave their people the opportunity to sell their guns to the government. That’s not at all what happened. The Australian government – and Australia does not have the equivalent of a Second Amendment – passed a law requiring their citizens to sell their guns to the government. The guns were promptly destroyed.

Here’s Hillary.


“When it comes to guns, we have just too many guns. On the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods.”

Hillary said, earlier in the week, that she would dedicate every minute of her presidency to gun control. Now she’s coming out and telling you how she’s going to do it.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president you can bet that her first priority will be to put a far left, gun hating, nutcase onto the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia. When that happens you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye. Some state, New York or California, will pass a law requiring that all guns must be turned in or, like Canada, stored in a “safe facility” like a Police Department or gun club.

Certainly California could enforce that law because they already require gun registration.

Gun owners would certainly sue the state, and in California they will lose in a heartbeat. The case would be appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court where the law would be upheld, it would then be forwarded to the Supreme Court and Hillary’s new Justice would make sure gun confiscation became the law of the land.

Gore Vidal thought his book 1984 was entertaining fiction. Democrats view it as a “how-to manual.”

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