[VIDEO] GOP Establishment is Desperate: Will They Do This?

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Newt Gingrich’s been around politics for a long time, and 25 years ago he was the insurgent force fighting the Republican Establishment in Washington. He knows firsthand what that fight is like.

It seems the big question on everybody’s lips right now is what will the Republican Establishment do in Cleveland to deny Donald Trump the party’s presidential nomination?

Here’s Newt Gingrich’s advice:


“Get over it.”

I think that’s excellent advice especially since by the time he gets to Cleveland, Donald Trump will have more Republican primary votes than any Republican candidate in history.

What will the establishment do? Honestly, I expect them to make a completely halfhearted effort and basically sit on the sidelines. Don’t look at people like Paul Ryan – Barack Obama’s best buddy – or Mitch McConnell, or John McCain (who’s going to be busy losing his reelection fight to Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick) or any of the Establishment to be working hard for Trump.

The bottom line is that the Republican Establishment would rather eat the crumbs from Hillary’s table than prime steak at Donald’s.

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