[VIDEO] Beautiful Dutch Cop Accused Of Being a Model

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Apparently there really is crime in the Netherlands.

And also apparently, they have cops.

After all when you have crime, you need cops. I have to admit that with cops like this…

16-0407 HotCop1

… the police force might be considered the reason for crime. After all if you’re gonna get arrested that certainly is who you would want to arrest you.

That picture made the rounds several years ago and there were questions about whether it was a crime scene or a movie scene. For obvious reasons. It turns out it really was a crime scene and she was there to arrest some bad guys who robbed a jewelry store.

At the time of writing this story I’ve not been able to determine whether the robbers just wanted to be handcuffed by you know who.

Today the Netherlands is at the forefront of the Muslim invasion. I think I’m beginning to understand why Muslims are leaving Islamic countries and invading the Netherlands.

16 – 0405 abaya

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