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Trump’s Star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame” to be Removed? Reason Will Make You Sick!


Donald Trump actually has a “star” on Hollywood’s “walk of fame.”  Who’d think you could get that for a reality show?  I wonder if the Robertsons have a star.

Anyway, the folks in Hollowood and those who are visiting there, apparently aren’t big fans of Donald Trump.  Or so the Hollowood media would have us believe.  Here’s a tweet that’s a good example of what’s trending these days:

16-0405 StarTW 1

Seems like now that Trump’s star has been discovered it’s a main attraction on “the walk.”  If you consider people stopping to pee on it an attraction.  Or spitting on it.  Or, as the visitors above, just giving it the finger.

Here’s a sample of the bile that the Hollowood media is venting Donald’s way…

Yep, whether it’s number one or number two, whether you suffer from chronic respiratory problems and just need to cough up and spit out a great Green glob of gross now and then, Donald Trump’s star is sitting there ready waiting and willing to receive your expectorant’s and bodily waste. The guy’s a walking, talking black hole of hate, jingoism, xenophobia and bile. Is it any wonder he draws in these nefarious fluids, attitudes and responses from around the globe?

If that’s how they feel about him now, I can hardly wait until Inauguration Day. Can you imagine the reaction when a “walking, talking black hole of hate, jingoism, xenophobia and bile” is sworn in to replace the man who stopped the seas from rising? There will be rioting in the streets.

Apparently even Hollowood pets aren’t fond of The Donald. Here’s a picture of a service dog that apparently had an opinion of Mr. Trump.

16-0405 Star1

With all this going on around Donald’s star I wonder how fans are going to react to real movie stars who are supporting Trump?  The list isn’t as long or notable as the Hollowood socialists supporting Hillary, but nonetheless we’ve got a list.  Hollywood stars for Donald Trump include Hulk Hogan, actual Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Kid Rock, Azalea Banks, Ann Coulter, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, Willie Robertson, and even his ex-wife, Ivana.

Dennis Rodman?  On that one I’m shocked.  Shocked.  There are apparently a whole bunch more who will be voting for him, they’re just not ready to admit it yet, afraid of a big hit to their pocket books.

With the long and growing list of progressive jerks who make their living in Hollowood threatening to leave the country if Trump is elected, we may be able to pick up some nice real estate…cheap around this time next year.  Even if we can’t, I look forward to waving good-bye to Rosie and company.


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