Trump’s Ex-Wife Just Revealed a Dark Secret

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Donald Trump is an unusual guy.  You probably already knew that, but I’m talking about a different sort of unusual.  He appears to really get along pretty well with his ex-wife.  Even if he does have small fingers.

Ivana, to whom he was married and spectacularly divorced in the 90’s, has a whole bunch of good things to say about him.  There’s not many of us with ex-wives who can say that.  Not only does she say nice things about him, she’s a conservative and is supporting him – enthusiastically – for President.  In fact, she says it’s her fault he didn’t run a long time ago.

“Probably five years before our divorce, Reagan or somebody brought him a letter and said, ‘You should run for president,’ ” Donald’s first wife tells The Post at her opulent seventh-floor Upper East Side town house, which she purchased for $2.8 million in 1998.

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“So he was thinking about it. But then . . . there was the divorce, there was the scandal, and American women loved me and hated him,” she says, referencing Donald’s much-publicized infidelity with Marla Maples that led to the power couple’s 1991 split. “So there was no way that he would go into [politics] at that point,” Ivana says. “But he was always tooling around with the idea.”

If you haven’t noticed, he’s done tooling around with the idea.

Probably her biggest exposure in the campaign was when somebody dug up a statement she’d made in a divorce deposition about Donald raping her.  Not long after the comment was made public she renounced it, and is still saying it was much ado about nothing.  There was one very interesting part of the story I’d never heard (I work hard not to follow celebrity stories) and it’s this:

Apparently what set Trump off was that he went to Ivana’s plastic surgeon for a scalp-reduction surgery to remove a bald spot.  Yep.  I’ve read that a dozen times and it’s still funny.  He thought the doctor “ruined him.”

16-0405 Ivana2

Since I’m pretty “hair challenged” I’ll refrain from further comment on that one.

Ivana talks about the divorce, “It was all the lawyers. The negotiations and stuff like that. I was never abused.” and the “rape” charge, she says it was a misunderstanding.  “…the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited toward me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.”  Not bad from an ex-wife.

She did make out pretty well in the bargain though.  Ivana got a $14 million cash settlement, the family’s 45-room Greenwich, Conn., mansion, an apartment at Trump Plaza, and use of Donald’s Palm Beach mansion, Mar-a-Lago, every March.  She also got custody of their three kids but says Donald was a good dad and was always there for them.

She is also a big booster of the fact that Trump is very open with women in business and is more than willing to give them every chance to succeed.  After all, he made her a vice-president of his organization and at one point she was President of Trump’s Castle Casino Resort, in Atlantic City, and later of the Plaza Hotel.

She’s retired now, taking it easy and giving Trump a little advice now and then on his Presidential run.  As for Donald’s current wife, Melania, Ivana thinks she’ll be a great First Lady.  “She’s going to adapt just fine,” says Ivana, who is friendly with Melania. “She never did anything wrong to me. I wish them all the best.”


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