Transgender Goes Into Women’s Bathroom: What Could Go Wrong? [Video]

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What would happen if a man dressed as a woman walked into a lady’s washroom as a “social experiment”? What would your reaction be, especially if you were a woman? Well, you are about to find out. It turns out this was recently done.

The social experiment, which aimed to gauge women’s reactions to a biological male walking into their bathroom, follows the passage of legislation in North Carolina that requires people to use bathrooms that correspond with the genders in which they were born.

After speaking with a medical doctor, who said that genders are based on DNA, chromosomes and biology, and a transsexual, who argued that gender is a “social construct,” the YouTube star donned a wig and a dress and headed to a public restroom.

After following the first female into the bathroom, Salads is immediately met with a hostile response from the frightened and agitated woman.

“You can’t be in here!” the woman says. “You can’t just say you’re a girl!”

The YouTuber is met with similar reactions after following two other females into the restroom as well.

A crossdresser is different from a transgender, but either way, if this guy enters a bathroom that I’m in…I’m going to scream as well…Get the heck OUT!

You are right! Women are NOT comfortable! Nor does it make any sense! I certainly agree with most of these women! Dude – Check it at the door!


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