Trains Running on Time in Germany and According to Sharia Law

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Times…”they are a changing” in Germany.  You can thank the introduction of hundreds of thousands of Muslim terrorists into Germany for  that.

If you’ll recall, New Year’s Eve in Cologne we found thousands of Muslim men roaming the streets sexually assaulting the woman of their choice.

Not much has been done about it though; the German police are reportedly hunting for a number of perpetrators.  16-0330 Train1

I don’t think they should be all that hard to find, just show up and arrest the local mosques attendees and sort them out from there.

Anyway, it appears that being a woman is a real problem these days in Germany. The largest rail line in Germany is taking steps to protect German women from Angela Merkel’s new Muslim friends.

They are adding “women only” railcars on their passenger trains.16-0330 Train2a

It’s not known at this time if Muslim women will be allowed in those cars. Personally, I’d be a little leery seeing someone dressed in a burqa on one of those cars, especially if it was a conspicuous bold one in the burqa.

The railroad company, of course, said that the security measures had nothing to do with “Muslim immigrants.” That, after all, would be racist.

It does appear as though the German people may be fed up with Merkel’s refusal to limit terrorist immigration. For anyone who thinks that not all Muslims are terrorists, Germany and Sweden are the latest examples that they are.

Sweden has the highest incidence of rape in the world thanks to their Muslim immigrants.

And what has the Swedish government done? They pressured the Swedish media to stop reporting the ethnicity of rapists.

You can bet a similar breakdown in society is coming to your neighborhood, thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan, who are welcoming Muslim terrorists with open arms. Make sure to remember that, …after all this is an election year.


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