Tiny Karate Kid Beats Crap Out of Giant Repo Man: See the Humiliating [VIDEO]

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In these bad economical times, it’s probably not too unfamiliar to find a repo man. You know someone employed by a lender to repossess property because someone has defaulted on their payments.

Take this guy for example, who’s just trying to do his job: repossess a car.

A car that the little owner didn’t want to give up.

“I’ll hurt you if you do that again…”

Famous last words if I ever heard them.

Actually, “I just want to get out of here with as much dignity as I’ve got left …” are even better words.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t press charges because who would want to stand in front of a jury and admit that that tiny “karate kid”  or little gal kicked his great big butt all over the place?

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