Teacher Fired After School Sees What She Did With Her Rear End [VIDEO]


A 24-year-old teacher from Mexico got her 15 minutes of fame thanks to Facebook and now she’s looking for work.  Carla was on vacation in Baja California (it’s Mexico) with friends and, while the story didn’t indicate it, I suspect they’d been mixing tequila with the Mexican sunshine and sand.

Her friends talked Carla into entering a “dance competition” at the Mango Deck Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club.  She crushed her opponents who were vacationing from Mexico City, France, and Texas.

Later that day someone – we don’t know if it was one of Carla’s friends – uploaded the video to Facebook.  BOOM! It went viral.

Should it have gone viral?  Does this meet the standards for a viral video?  You be the judge.


The guy in the chair is the judge.  Did Carla cheat?

Anyway, when Carla got home she had a surprise waiting for her.  The parents of her students in Ciudad Obregon weren’t happy.  Neither was the school board.

In an interview with the Mexican newspaper Reforma she said, “I was singled out as immoral, called immature and a whore.

“I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s a dance competition, and participating in it does not define me as a person.  I’m not naked or having sex, much less consuming drugs or disrespecting someone.”

The school didn’t care, the principal and the school’s lawyer convinced her to resign.

Two final thoughts.  First, I seriously doubt she’ll have trouble finding work.  Maybe not as a teacher, but she’ll find work.

Second, it’s obvious that Mexican schools have higher standards than U.S. schools.  She’d have been represented by her teacher’s union and there’s no way she’d have been fired.  They’d probably have her teaching the cheer team so they could revise their halftime routines.

ESPN would probably have a new feature on about it and somebody would be sponsoring competitions.

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