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A Very Special Kind of Stupid: [VIDEO]


“The View” goes so far as to declare that we are in a war. A war with Islam, although they refuse to say “Islam” and substitute “terrorism.”

I’m sick my stomach too! Sick to my stomach that Obama keeps letting these terrorists into our country without anyone on “The View” caring too much or saying too much about that. But never mind that, right?

They also go on to relate the war to “good versus evil.”  Guess who is “evil”?

An excellent discussion about the lack of response from Democrats – especially Hillary.  “Today Donald Trump seems reasonable.”

And finally, of course, Donald Trump is evil.  And a bigot.

Whether you’re a Trump fan or not, it’s unfair. It’s typical though.

READ ABOUT SOME MORE stupidity lately at THE VIEW:

Ben Carson appeared on “The View” recently to talk about his political decisions and endorsement of Donald Trump. The hosts asked Carson serious questions and his responses still have many scratching their heads:

Earlier in March, Raven-Symoné blamed the Bible — I’m not kidding — for allegations that Hillary is untrustworthy:

“I have a problem with everybody still saying that she’s untrustworthy. I feel like there’s this stigma since the beginning of [the] human race that a woman is untrustworthy. It starts in the Bible.”

You can’t make this stupidity up.

But if you do – you could be a producer on “The View”!!

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