Shocking News About Chelsea Clinton! Shocking, I say…

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First Bill, now Hillary, next thing you know…Hillary will be tooting her own daughter’s horn for president. You can’t be kidding can you? No, we’re not.

Bill has had all of his scandals and still got elected. Hillary has had all of her scandals and STILL seems to get elected. Why wouldn’t the Clintons want to just continue the dynasty down Pennsylvania Avenue?

The family has been above the law for decades and considers themselves American royalty, so you have to figure Chelsea thinks she’d win without even really trying.

From Newsmax:

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and front-running Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, interviewed by Access Hollywood at an event of The Clinton Foundation in Oakland, Calif., insists she’s got no immediate plans to enter politics.

When a woman inquired if she thought she too would run for governor of Arkansas one day, Clinton, 36, said she replied, “‘Thank you ma’am but I’m 3 or 4 or however old I was at the time.”

Clinton insists she likes her representatives in New York on all levels of government, but she’d consider a run if that were to change.


Why would Chelsea want to run for office? Doesn’t she have a great degree from Oxford and hold a great “gig” making over 6 figures as a news correspondent with NBC? What more do you want? Or should I say, …what more does your mother want?

Shocking?…not at all!

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