Rudy Giuliani: “Yeah, that’s the ticket”!

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Rudy Giuliani recommended in an interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” that Donald Trump should pick John Kasich for VP on a ticket that “could win this election.”

Giuliani argued that if Trump is not the nominee, the Republican party will “lose the election.”

He also argued that if Trump is within 20 to 30 delegates of 1,237, he should “absolutely” be the nominee.

Rudy Giuliani: “Yeah, that’s the ticket”

“Look, what have the Cruz, Trump, Bernie Sanders voters told us? They don’t trust Washington,” Giuliani argued. “Now Sen. Mitch McConnell, who is Washington, is coming in and saying, I want an open convention so I can pick the nominee. We’re going to lose the grassroots of this party.”

Giuliani suggests that if that happened,  Trump could make a deal in order to rally the necessary delegates. He cautioned Ted Cruz and  John Kasich, “Cruz step back, Kasich step back and give him the extra 20 to 30 because if you don’t, you’re going against the will of 65 percent of the Republican Party, maybe 70 percent of the Republican Party.”

Yeah Right! Conservatives want two moderates in charge, not just one!

Giuliani is absolutely wrong here. HELLO!…Dole, McCain, Romney anyone?

Most polls have shown that Trump loses to Clinton in a head-to-head match-up, while Cruz wins. While Kasich does win, he has definitely NOT been the choice of the majority. He will also not inspire the base. Like Romney, that will cost another election.

Kasich has another serious issue, as reported by JoeForAmerica: KASICH CALLS GOOD COP AN IDIOT THEN LIES! THIS WILL MAKE YOU FURIOUS!

10 days later, Kasich bad mouths him in front of the Ohio EPA workers, LYING like a CHILD!!! The whole tale is caught on camera!

The video of this traffic stop, where John Kasich did not yield to the situation on the side of the highway as he passed a fully lighted traffic stop, AND his remarks after, will make you FURIOUS!

The officer in Columbus, Ohio was kind, professional, and doing his job completely within protocol.

When the Dem’s get a hold of this insanity…Giuliani must have missed this video!



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