Religion of Peace Riot in Paris: Watch What’s Coming! [VIDEO]

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The French are letting the Muslim invasion force migrants to camp out in the Paris subway stations.  There are apparently thousands stashed in various stops.  The particular subway stop in question today is the Stalingrad Metro Station and sits at the conversion of three busy lines.

The invaders migrants aren’t happy about their living conditions.  Last week they started a riot that was eventually broken up by French security police.

This is the second time police have been called to quell riots in the Stalingrad station.  Three weeks ago they responded and finally cleared out almost 1,000 invaders migrants.

They are being “resettled” around the country, much like President Obama wants to do here in the U.S.  Put them in large numbers into small towns.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said Parisians were “committed to solving [the crisis] and to preventing camps from being built in Paris [and the surrounding area.]

In other words, we’re shipping the Muslim butchers into the countryside.  We’re sure not letting them hang around Paris.  We’ve seen what they do.

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