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Religion of Peace Migrants Invade Farmers Land: So He Starts Plowing! [VIDEO]


A large contingent of Muslim “migrants” invaded a farmer’s land in Greece.  They found out they shouldn’t have done that.  It was a big oopsie on their part.

Lazarous Oulis, a Greek farmer, allowed a group of Muslim invaders to camp out on a small section of his land.  He was promise by refugee organizations that they would help out, but guess what?  They lied to him.

It’s not good to lie to a farmer.  Especially when his livelihood depends on it.  Farmers have heavy equipment and short fuses.

Since Lazarous has to make a living – unlike the invaders poaching his land – he took action.

The Muslim invasion force acted just like you would expect.

One refugee, who had his tent destroyed, was fed up with Oulis and didn’t understand why he had to plow the land while they were occupying his property. …

“Why drill now? There are still people here,” he said.

If you want my vote, I’d have recommended the farmer run over them and use them for fertilizer.


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