President Obama Pushes for More Benefits for Illegals

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last seven years, you know that there are few people that Barack Obama loves more than illegal aliens. Maybe Muslim terrorists, it could be a tossup, but you get the idea.

Obama has spent the last 7+ years pretending like he was King Louis and enacting legislation by Executive Order.

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The Establishment Republicans in the congressional leadership whine about it but do nothing.

Obama is now taking another step toward declaring illegal aliens U. S. citizens. In a case before the Supreme Court the Obama administration is arguing that illegal alien parents of U. S. citizens are eligible for Social Security, SSI Disability, and Medicare. This will affect at least 4 million people who are here illegally.

These people are part of a group known as DAPA – Deferred Action For Parents of Americans – who are mostly Mexicans who cross the border illegally so their child could be born in the U. S. and declared a U. S. citizen by birth. Aside from Obama’s unilateral Executive Order, they have no legal right to be here.

According to the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas, DAPA would deem over 4 million illegal aliens as “lawfully present and eligible for work authorization.” “Lawfully present” is a specific immigration classification established by Congress that opens the door to federal benefits.

Between Social Security and Medicare there is currently a $107 trillion shortfall. Adding another 4 million illegal aliens to those programs will only make matters worse.

The Obama administration is doing this in order to make illegal aliens eligible to work legally in the U. S., and take jobs, you know, the ones that Americans won’t do. There are 92 million Americans currently not working. Some of them are retired, and some of them are in school, but a lot more than 4 million of them have stopped looking for work because the Obama economy isn’t creating jobs for Americans.

As a matter of fact every job “created” during Obama’s term of office has been taken by aliens. There has been zero job growth in the last seven years for U. S. citizens. Some of that is due to Obama’s love for illegal aliens, and some of it is due to pandering to his supporters in places like Silicon Valley where the H1B visa is King.

It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules without Justice Scalia. If the Supreme Court ends up with a 4-4 decision, which is likely, Obama might take out his Mighty Pen and write another Executive Order.

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Nothing would surprise me

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