Paul Nehlen and the Most Brilliant Campaign Vehicle in the History of Politics!

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Businessman Paul Nehlen has just announced his “Dump Paul Ryan” tour.

Paul Nehlen is running in Wisconsin’s 1st District in a primary against Speaker Ryan .

He will be traveling the state in a “Dump Paul Ryan” dump truck, sporting and the hashtag #DumpRyan.

Businessman Paul Nehlen has just announced his "Dump Paul Ryan" tour.


As I wrote earlier this week, Paul Ryan has been receiving “F”s from many conservative organizations, and has over time slid from being solid on principles to just another establishment politician playing the game.

Paul Nehlen has set out to expose that record! Paul Nehlen has set out to send Ryan packin’! Paul Nehlen has set out to “Dump Ryan”!

Download the picture and use it! Use it on social media: Facebook, Twitter…everywhere!

There will also be a map at where you can follow Paul Nehlen and the #DumpRyan Dump Truck!


Paul Nehlen went on The Wilkow Majority LIVE to describe the tour:


Why is Paul Nehlen running?

I get it. I REALLY get it! I have put my heart and soul into many candidates. I do not do that without full confidence that they will be the same in office as they claim to be on the campaign trail!

When someone you have trusted does the opposite… it is MADDENING!

Paul Nehlen explains at his Website:

Paul Ryan Betrayed Me

I was arguably Paul Ryan’s biggest supporter in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. I pounded signs for him, made phone calls, and worked to get people out to vote for what Ryan said was his priority—getting Americans, and specifically people from our district, working again.

In a district that has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, what could be more important?

But what Paul Ryan claimed he wanted to accomplish and what he’s actually doing? The fact is, they simply don’t match up.

For sure… I get it! It is my mantra! Not only that, I am confident Paul Nehlen WILL stand by principles when he gets to DC. That Paul Nehlen WILL be the guy in DC that he campaigns as. I am confident that Paul Nehlen will not disappoint!

Red Skelton said it best! “From the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people!

One by one I will continue to fight against the “leaders to the people” politicians and for the “people to the leaders” statesmen!

Paul Nehlen is definitely a “From the people to the leaders” kinda guy! I like that and have full confidence he will lead in DC as he has promised!

So, give Paul Nehlen some love!!!

Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Paul Ryan

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