What Paul Elkins Creates with Recycled Campaign Signs Will Amaze You!

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Paul Elkins has been touring the country for years in what he calls a “stealth camper”, pulled by a bicycle!

Unlike most other small homes, this one is attached to a bicycle, weighs only 60 pounds, cost $150 to make, and is mostly made of recycled fluted-plastic campaign signs!

If you like to travel on a shoestring budget and enjoy adventure, the Paul Elkins “micro-camper” might be just for you! Paul Elkins narrates you through a how-to video.

He used four recycled campaign signs, a $20 used bike, six pine 2x2s, zip ties, duct tape and screws.

Paul Elkins his “home away from home” isn’t just shelter. It’s a fully functional camper.

The outside looks like the size of a doghouse, but it’s breathtaking on the inside!

The trailer contains a full kitchen, a counter, food storage, shelving, clothing storage, a bed, LED lighting, and a skylight, and and a bed!

The Paul Elkins trailer if fully insulated and works for all seasons!

The Paul Elkins trailer if fully insulated and works for all seasons!

But in the immortal words of Bill Mays, “That’s not all!!”

Paul Elkins has a whole website dedicated to his ingenious designs, many made from recycled campaign signs!

Tents, boats, cars, tackle boxes, you name it and Paul Elkins has figured out a way to do it!

Even a design for a car fashioned after the Mochet WWII French pedal car, again, made from recycled campaign signs!

Paul Ekins states: "It's a hoot to ride!"
Paul Ekins states: “It’s a hoot to ride!”

Paul Elkins lives with his wife Mary in Washington and states the following on his website elkinsdiy.com

“I’m always thinking and sketching new ideas, and have been since I was a youngster. It’s an obsession I picked up after visiting my talented uncle, who made his own saw mill and machinery with recycled metal, bits, an arc welder and creative wit.

After many sketches I slowly started to build some of my ideas, and after a while I thought it would be nice to share what I’d done, so I started the blog High Mileage Trikes.”


I was fascinated with Paul Elkins creations! I think you will be too!

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