One in Three Marine Jets Can Actually Fly: Nice Job Obama!

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We are a Marine Corps family so I take this story personally.

The Obama administration, with the help of the Republican Establishment – Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, et al – are defunding the U.S. military at a rate that will insure we can’t fight the coming war against the Religion of Peace.  Keep in mind, as November approaches, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and every elected Democrat want deeper cuts.

Cuts to military funding means a number of things:  dead Marines, dead soldiers, dead airmen, dead sailors.

Marines are scavenging parts from other planes.  In one recent incident, Marines stripped a landing gear door off a mothballed museum jet.  There are no spare parts.  There aren’t even parts that aren’t spare, as you heard in the video, only 30% of Marine Corps aircraft are fit to fly.

With less than one-third of the fleet capable of flying Marine pilots aren’t getting their required training hours.  A Marine pilot should be flying 25-30 hours per month to stay sharp and as you heard, they’re getting as little as four hours of flight time per month.  That puts Marine pilots lives in danger.

This situation isn’t “standard military griping.”  This situation is the equivalent of a whistle blower blowing the horn on incompetence and corruption at the very top of the chain of command.  And that would be Barack Obama.

The Corps may not have money for parts, but Obama and his Secretary of the Navy have made sure they’ve got money spend on gender training for Marines to integrate women into boot camp.  That’s obviously more important than military readiness and the lives of our fighting men.

I wonder if the infantry will have live ammunition to train with or maybe they’ll just point a rusty rifle and say “BANG!”

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