ObamaCare Will Cover the Mutilation of Genitals by Surgeons: It’s Happening

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ObamaCare is on the verge of going belly up as insurers are going to do one of two things this summer – just before the election.  They’ll either raise their rates by 20 to 50% or just decline to participate in ObamaCare. The reason? Insurance companies are losing fortune.

Medical costs which Pres. Obama said would drop under ObamaCare are skyrocketing. The ObamaCare marketplaces, which were specifically set up as nonprofits to lower the cost of insurance, lost money in 41 states in 2014.

Here’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2013 talking about how ObamaCare will bring down medical costs. She’s parroting the Democrats line.

One of the reasons healthcare costs are skyrocketing is because the Democratic Party and their minions who run the regulatory arm of government see no end to what ObamaCare should cover.

Reuters reports that a government panel has recently ruled that a privately run Medicare plan has to cover “sex reassignment surgery” for a transgender freak.

Until 2014 Medicare excluded this kind of procedure, but the ban was recently lifted by regulators. If the insurer, UnitedHealthcare, wants to challenge this decision they will have to go to federal court.

Pres. Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services is currently considering changes to regulations that would require all private insurers to pay for genital mutilation.

I wonder if Muslims will jump on the bandwagon and demand that ObamaCare pay for their practice of genital mutilation? I’m pretty sure that the president, Democrats, and Democratic control regulators would be fine with that.

In the meantime you can expect your ObamaCare premiums, assuming you can find an insurance company who will even take your money, to go up another 20 to 50% next year.  That’s probably not going to be a good deal even if you’re considering having a surgeon mutilate you.

If you’re planning on being sick, do it this year.

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