Obama Encourages ObamaCare Health Insurers; Sue the Federal Government!

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Congress passed a bill stopping the ObamaCare failed health insurers from being bailed out by the Feds and Obama has found a way around it.

Just sue the Feds, the Feds will throw the game, and the ObamaCare insurers can be bailed out without congressional approval!

Absolutely unbelievable…well…maybe not! It is Obama and ObamaCare we are talking about!

Congress passed a bill stopping the ObamaCare failed health insurers from being bailed out by the Feds and Obama has found a way around it.

The Daily Signal reports:

According to legal experts, if the Obama administration decided to settle its class action lawsuit with Health Republic Insurance of Oregon, one of 23 co-ops started under Obamacare, and other insurers for all or part of the $5 billion it’s seeking, the money would come from the Judgment Fund, an indefinite appropriation created by Congress and administered by the Department of Treasury.

“The Obama administration has a history of using the Judgment Fund,” Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal. “They cannot be trusted to properly defend the lawsuit.”

The Obama administration’s use of the Judgment Fund has come under fire in recent years, particularly after it was reported the Justice Department used the fund to pay billions to farmers who alleged discrimination by the Department of Agriculture, circumventing Congress.

Absolutely insane! The ObamaCare con never ends!

The ObamaCare con never ends!

I cannot find the words… I am so furious. I will let Mr. Cain speak:

Obama could be putting the taxpayers on the hook for massive future payoffs by intentionally losing legal judgments so he can get judges to order him to spend money Congress won’t approve.

Democrats love to use the courts to mandate outcomes they can’t get through the legislative process. But in this case they’re not even waiting for liberal judges to do their bidding for them. They encourage health insurers to sue them, then immediately offer settlements rather than bothering to defend themselves. I wonder how that would have gone over as a campaign promise: If you elect me, I’ll let you sue me and I’ll pay you fat settlements!

It is times like this that I just HAVE to end on a positive note! So I will leave you with this incredible song done by The Crazy Daysies! I am going to forget about this atrocity and let my mind go back to what makes America great!! Out Patriots!

The Crazy Daysies are an Americana-country band based in Jacksonville. They recorded “We Are America,” to commemorate the anniversary of September 11. The song is the first recording sisters Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson did not write. It was, as poets sometimes say, “a found song.”

It written by their aunt, Jan Day Plowden, whose son serves in the U.S. Marine Corps. She wrote the song after seeing a news report showing people stomping on the U.S. flag.

The photographs are from the Day and Plowden families and from Jennifer’s husband’s family, the Thompsons. Many family members served in the U.S. military. Also included are photos from the Carol M. Highsmith Collection at the U.S. Library of Congress and from the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

Rebecca said singing the song was one of the most moving experiences she’s had as a performer. “Our generation-every one of us-remembers what we were doing when the Twin Towers were hit.

It rocks!



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