Not Everyone is Happy About the Religion of Peace Resettlement

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The Obama administration is working diligently to provide jobs for every American resettle Muslim terrorists “refugees” into the small towns of America. Paul Ryan and the Republican Establishment are doing everything they can to help. It seems as though Obama and Ryan have joined together to form a group that could be named “The Committee to Destroy America” or maybe “The Committee to Destroy the West.”

They are getting some pushback in Montana. 500 people in rural Ravalli County, Montana showed up at a meeting. It didn’t get any coverage in the major media because the New York Times doesn’t know where Montana is. The protesters also were demanding a halt to fracking or demanding free solar panels.

The hicks – who would be rednecks if the meeting was held in Georgia instead of Montana – were there to protest the resettlement of Syrian “refugees.”

After the meeting the county commissioners voted unanimously to send a letter to the Obama administration, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, and the state’s congressional delegation demanding that no Syrian “refugees” be resettled to their county.

For background on the “refugee” resettlement program watch this video:

Given what Muslims are doing around the country in big cities it’s pretty obvious what will happen when they start relocating “refugees” into rural communities. The “refugees” will quickly demand the local diners stop serving bacon because it’s offensive to Muslims and an affront to Sharia Law. CAIR, the euphemistically named Committee on American Islamic Relations, will show up in force with lawyers and file suit in federal court. Small town America can’t afford protracted litigation in federal court. So they will settle.

And that’s when America faces the beginning of the end.

The people of Montana elected a Democrat, Steve Bullock, as their governor. They may be seeing the error of their ways. Bullock fully supports Pres. Obama’s resettlement plans. In a recent poll conducted by NBC-13, 93% of the people in Montana said they were opposed to having Syrian terrorists “refugees” forced down their throat.

It’s still early in Montana, because the opposition is still growing. The people of Montana are smart enough to understand that the Religion of Peace being promoted by Obama, Ryan, and The Committee to Destroy America are anything but peaceful.

In a line right out of 1984, State Department spokesman Larry Barlett said the federal government wouldn’t send “refugees” anywhere they would be “unsafe.” Barlett and the Obama administration seem to have no concern about whether the American people will be unsafe because of these resettlements.

Perhaps they should ask the people in San Bernardino, California.

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