No Good Deed Towards the ‘Religion of Peace’ Goes Unpunished!

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Minnesota’s liberals have welcomed in a flood of Islamic asylum seekers, promising they’ll show Americans that Islam can coexist in the West. However, after one of these unsuspecting women struck up a conversation with a group of Muslim migrants, it didn’t take long to realize they had a sinister plan to repay her compassion with a horrific offering — proving the U.S. is heading down the same destructive path as Europe.

A car full of Somali men pulled up beside a woman as she was walking on the south side of Minneapolis on Saturday at 9 p.m. The men politely called her over to their black four-door sedan, and since they seemed friendly enough, the woman approached and carried on a conversation with them — mistakenly believing their views to be no different than her own Western values of tolerance and gender equality.


CBS Local WCCO reports that after she spoke with them for a bit, she walked away, only to be pursued by the migrants on foot. The Somali men attacked her and dragged her to a secluded area on 32nd St. and Blaisdell Ave., where they proceeded to take turns sexually assaulting her.

The suspects include a 50 to 56-year-old male who is 6 feetf tall, heavy build with a balding head, and a 19 to 23-year-old male who is also 6 feet tall, slender body and black frizzy hair, according to the Star Tribune. Perhaps the most startling suspect is a believed to be a 15 to 17-year-old male who is 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall, slender build and short black hair — one of the left’s beloved “child refugees.”

Although this assault marks a formidable pivoting point in America’s involvement in the “refugee crisis,” it isn’t the first case of sexual abuse by a Somali migrant on U.S. soil. In fact, it isn’t even the first incident in Minneapolis.

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With one of the highest percentage of Muslims of any country in the world, Somalia boasts a 99.8-percent Muslim populace, whose demand for adherence to Sharia endanger every nation to which they migrate.

Still, Barack Obama continues to import Somali asylum seekers at a rate of 750 per month, with the highest amount resettled in Minnesota. As of the end of 2015, more than 127,000 Somalis have been admitted to the U.S. through the Refugee Admission Program.

What did you expect? Obama has been supporting the resettlement of illegal immigrants by the thousands and supporting their presence in sanctuary cities across our nation since he came into office. He never lied about the transformation of America. This was the ‘hope and change’ he wanted…just not what many of us bargained for. As long as Obama and the Democrats are in charge, we can expect more of this same insanity from the ‘religion of peace’.


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