New Defense of Rape: It’s Coming Here…

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The Muslim invasion of Europe has brought some unexpected results for European women. Sweden now enjoys the highest rate of rapes in the world thanks to their Muslim immigrants appreciation of beautiful Swedish women.

In England the Brits Muslim guests have some catching up to do, but they’re working hard to uphold the standards set by their brethren in Sweden.

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Fathi Dridi, a Muslim immigrant in Swindon, was recently convicted of repeatedly raping two British women and surprisingly will serve 16 years in prison for something the Brits still consider a crime. The Swedes have moved on from that provincial view.

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Dridi, shockingly, lied about where he came from when he invaded the UK. Since his arrival he’s been targeting vulnerable women after meeting them in a supermarket. Probably not in the “pork” section of the market.

He made friends of the women, and relationships with them, and then those relationships were ended by the women because of his “jealous nature.”

That’s when Dridi began repeatedly raping them.

Dridi, of course, denied the rapes. The British court, surprisingly, believed the women and not the “migrant.” As I noted above he’ll serve 12 years in prison and then it appears he will be deported back to Tunisia.

Thanks to Barack Obama and Paul Ryan 100,000 or more of Dridi’s brethren are part of a Muslim invading force coming to your neighborhood.

Personally, I’m thankful for the Second Amendment.

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