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MSU Student Thrown Out of the Masters Program Because of His Christian Beliefs


Andrew Cash was kicked out of the Missouri State University master’s program in counseling for his Christian beliefs.

Cash says he was thrown out because his religious beliefs would prevent him from counseling a gay couple.

While he says he could counsel gay individuals, his personal Christian belief, would not let him condone a gay relationship.

Christian Andrew Cash was kicked out of the Missouri State University master’s program in counseling.

Cash is suing MSU, a public university located in Springfield, Missouri.

According to the brief:

[Cash] stated that his approach to counseling is centered on his core beliefs, values and
Christian worldview and these would not be congruent with the likely values and needs of a gay couple, who, for these reasons, would be best served by a counselor sharing their core value system and core beliefs.

Dr. Perryman then told Plaintiff that he could not hold these views, which she deemed to be unethical, and which, she asserted, contradicted the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics as discriminatory toward gay persons.

Perryman then told Cash not to return to his chosen internship at SMFI, the internship that she had approved just three months before.

She then forced him to read and comment on an article titled, “Implications for Refusing to Counseling Homosexual Relationships,” as a condition for returning to an internship.

The whole situation degrades quickly.

The school then forced Cash to participate in a “reeducate” plan designed to force him to reject the tenets of his Christian faith and require him to attend 10 sessions of counseling to address his “issues”.

After a plethora of other steps designed to fix his Christian belief system, the faculty committee would then decide if he could re-enter the clinical internship program.

The faculty committee also decided that the face-to-face hours he had completed during his Christian SMFI internship (51 of the required 240 clinical hours) were no longer valid.

He had to start all over!

He has appealed the decisions all the way up the MSU management line, only to be denied at each level all the way up to, and including, the Provost.


This is not the first time MSU has hit the viral news this year.

You will remember that Melissa Click was fired last January for assaulting a student journalist during campus protest.

You will remember that Melissa Click was fired last January for assaulting a student journalist during a campus protest.

In a video that went viral on YouTube and made her notorious, Ms. Click angrily asks “who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle here” at a protest during a November campus upheaval over race that led to the resignation of the university and the system’s chancellor.




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