Michele Obama’s War On Religious Freedom

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We have roughly 9 months left to watch the Obamas and Democrats wage war on the American people and American ideals. This week they targeted religious freedom.

They actually attacked biology as well. I thought biology was pretty much a settled science, but obviously Democrats don’t believe in settled science unless it’s the fakery involved in “climate change.”

The Mississippi legislature, earlier this month, passed legislation requiring people to use the restroom or shower facilities that correspond to their biology. In other words, if you have a male genitals you’re not allowed in the ladies room. If you don’t have male genitals you’re not allowed in the men’s room. The Obamas and Democrats in general have taken umbrage at the idea that biology counts anymore.

Some would say that this war over restrooms is a matter of morality. I would disagree. Barack and Michelle Obama and the people who support them – and Hillary Clinton and her misogynistic husband and their supporters – gave up on any pretense of morality a long time ago.

Here’s Michelle – and I refuse to refer to her as the “First Lady” – at a commencement address in Mississippi:


That woman got everybody in that address. She whined about Republicans blocking increases to the minimum wage, blocking amnesty and citizenship for 50 million Mexicans Democratic voters, but the line I loved best was when she whined about how Republicans were “birthers.”

She obviously missed the 2008 election cycle when Hillary Clinton and her campaign originated the “birther” charges.

She’s also upset that people would question what she referred to as Barack’s “belief in God.” It appears the Obamas have given up on referring to challenges to their “Christianity.” I would never question their belief in “God.” The only question is whether the word “god” when used in the same sentence with “Obama” should have a capital “G” or lowercase “g”? I’m opting for the lowercase version.

Nine more months. That’s how long it takes to give birth to a baby (unless you happen to live in the black community next to a Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Store). Hopefully the next nine months will see us give birth to an America that more closely resembles the vision of our forefathers.

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