Man Kills His New Wife on Honeymoon When He Finds Out Who She REALLY Is

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A honeymoon is supposed to be a wonderful time of celebration and togetherness. Unless you’re a Muslim. Today’s tale of ritual terror comes from Pakistan, and Islamic country.

Qalandar Bux Khokhar and his new bride Khanzadi exchanged vows and left for a romantic honeymoon. Once they got to their honeymoon suite, everything changed. Qalandar realized that his new bride was hiding something from him. When her secret came out he did what any decent, devout, Sharia loving Muslim would do. He slaughtered her.

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Why? Because apparently she wasn’t a virgin. That point is disputed by her family.

Islamic households murders like this are not rare, and are referred to as “honor killings” because the woman has somehow sustained the family’s honor. In this case it was her husband’s reputation.

The husband, who also happened to be the bride’s cousin, posted a picture of his wife’s dead body along with the caption that indicated his shame. Her mother called the police when she didn’t hear from her daughter the morning after the wedding. Police investigated and found the new bride’s lifeless body still on her marriage bed.

Her cousin, husband, or whatever, is reportedly on the run from the police. In an Islamic country like Pakistan there’s no reason to believe that if the police do catch up with him, that he’ll actually be punished for the murder.

In a twist that befits a story of Islamic terrorism the bride’s family insists that she was a virgin and that her husband/cousin choked the life out of her because of a dispute over certain Islamic wedding customs.

According to the report from Pakistan the bride’s family has a choice. They can choose to have the offender prosecuted or they can demand compensation. In this case because the murderer is also a family member odds are the family will take the cash.

Honor killings are a staple of Islam and a fundamental principle of Sharia law. And that is being introduced into the United States by none other than our Pres. Barack Obama with the support of Paul Ryan, Republican speaker of the House and Establishment presidential hopeful.

Studies have been done in the U. S. that show “moderate” Muslims want to see sharia law imposed here.

Obama said he was going to fundamentally change the United States. What we didn’t know is that the Republican Establishment is committed to helping him.

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