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Magnolia, TX Mom Threatened with Arrest for Walking Her Children Home from School Speaks Out! [VIDEO]


Magnolia, TX trended number one on Facebook for 3 days last week as news went viral that Principal Holly Ray had been threatening to arrest parents who defied her rule and insisted on walking their own children home from school.

Principal Holly Ray sent a constable to the Magnolia home of a school volunteer who had defied her and walked her children home from school. She also threatened other Magnolia parents with arrest.

The issue has upset over 2oo parents at the small Texas school, Bear Branch Elementary, in Magnolia since the beginning of the year who have tried every way possible to communicate their disgust, but to no avail.

Listen to the short 5 minute appeal from this mom to the Magnolia ISD school board.

The mom states: “My parental rights are being violated. The district is stating that they have authority over my children. Does the school trump my parental rights? It is a dangerous place that we’ve all reached here. People move to Texas from all over the world because people believe this state is still a place where the Constitution, Bill of Rights and civil liberties still matter!”

Let me ‘splain Magnolia ISD:

In the Biblical illustration of slavery, “Public Servants” are the slaves and the taxpayers are the masters. NOT the other way around.

The Principal, the Superintendent and the school board in Magnolia are the SLAVES and the parents and taxpayers, who pay their salaries, are the masters!!

The Magnolia Principal, Superintendent and school board are not legislators! They have severely overstepped their authority.

Red Skelton explained it so easily in his Pledge off Allegiance:

“From the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people!”

The Magnolia ISD is breaking federal law!

NOT ONLY THAT… The Magnolia ISD is breaking federal law!

The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the right of parents to allow their children to walk to school.

Actually, it protects the basic right to go out alone, period!

The act was sponsored by Utah Senator Mike Lee, who is a supporter of the Free Range Kids movement.

This insanity has to stop!

I have seen all kinds of excuses. Superintendent Todd Stephens put out a CYA letter as soon as the story went viral dismissing “rumors of the district arresting parents” when no such thing was done. It was the FACTUAL “Threat” of arrest that was at issue.

Not one news organization has reported an arrest, but I would be wager that had this insanity not gone viral, we would have been soon enough…

It is so simple. No excuses. The Magnolia ISD has overstepped their authority. There is not one excuse in the world that can justify this.

Nothing safer than a Magnolia parent walking a child to school. This should be encouraged, not denied.




The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the right of parents to allow their children to walk to school... even in Magnolia Tx!

The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the right of parents to allow their children to walk to school…even in Magnolia Tx!

An article for the New York Post points out that today kids are actually “in less danger” as they wander the streets alone than their parents ever were.

“Ironically, kids walking to school today are actually very safe—safer than their parents were. The crime level is back to what it was in 1963,” she says. “As Sen. Lee wrote in an e-mail to me, ‘America faces great challenges today. Kids walking to school with their parents’ permission is not one of them.’”

#Checkmate Superintendent Todd Stephens and Principal Holly Ray!




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